Resiliency & Leadership

This keynote talk is designed for companies and organisation striving for their staff to thrive and stay strong during times of global challenges.  The main objective of this session is to challenge staff members to search for answers in new places by learning to see opportunities in challenges. Cecilia provides real time scenarios for delegates to work through in other to develop strength and resiliency in ever changing times
By the end of this session we will cover;

-The key to benefiting from crisis
– Why crisis are importing for leadership
– Why character is necessary in changing times
– Extreme Ownership
– Motivation
– Resiliency
– Growth mind set
– The lion’s mind set

At the end of this educative, inspirational and captivating session attendees will start searching for opportunities in challenges. Cecilia will share her unique and inspiring journey of resiliency from the age of 8.


Diversity & Inclusion

This talk focuses on a workplace where the world in miniature is celebrated under one umbrella. An umbrella where human resources from all over the world are included and celebrated in the work place taking overall productivity to the next level and giving such organisation a competitive advantage in the market place.

Key points:
-Recruitment and selection
– Unconscious bias
-Psychological safety
-Inclusive leadership
– Social capital

Participants will go away with a tool kit to help them foster an inclusive
workplace environment. They will also develop awareness of their own
unconscious biases and receive tools to strengthen their organisation’s value proposition to attract and retain the right talent.8.