Cecilia lost her dad at the age of 8. Life became so challenging for this young girl born in sub-Saharan Africa, however Cecilia fought back by starting her own sweet business with 50p and making a profit of approximately £50 after three months.
She went on to become a small whole sale sweet trader and helped build her mum a comfortable home.
Despite several challenging years Cecilia worked tirelessly and graduated from University in the UK with a first class degree in Business.
Where many would see challenges stacked against them, Cecilia sees opportunities to move to the next level.
Today Cecilia helps new entrepreneurs get over the hurdles of setting up a new business to moving their businesses to the online market place.

Cecilia has helped new entrepreneurs on
– Increasing online sales
– Starting E busineses
– Creating Ebay shops
– Creating Amazon shops
– Product sourcing
– Inventorying

If you are looking at leaving the world of 9- 5 and setting yourself a new
profitable business, get in touch with me and I will show you step by step how I
grew my £25 business to where I am today.


Robert H Schuller